Allzone Digital Services has worked with several educational titles for leading publishing houses. We manage all your text and images in a proper laid-out structure with page composition and typesetting services. Our team has the relevant experience and the capability of meeting stringent quality standards, important deadlines for journals, magazines, and newspapers. Our suite of typesetting and page composition services involves conversion of raw, unformatted, handwritten manuscripts into consistent, structured, and ready to publish formats.

Our typesetting service includes

rightGrid / Template Creation
rightSample Designing
right  Page Composition
right  Journal Typesetting
right  Multilingual Typesetting
right  Proofreading
right  Scanning
right  Keyboarding / Data Conversion and OCR
right  Graphic Designing
right  Brochure Designing
right  Conversion: Quark to Indesign

The work is performed and supported with PC access where needed. Software used for typesetting include Quark Express (v9), Adobe InDesign and Illustrator (CS5), with further expertise and access to Adobe Acrobat / Distiller, Freehand, Word, and Excel. This allows us to accept and process files supplied in various formats and to the standard expected by both the customer and the printer.

We specialize in a variety of composition formats including

right    Quark
right    InDesign
right    FrameMaker
right    TeX / LaTeX
right    3b2