Allzone Digital Services motto of effecting cost-efficient and on-time deliveries is the primary driver behind its range of complete publishing solutions. An emphasis on innovativeness and rationalization help Allzone Digital Services see the world from the customer's perspective. Allzone Digital Services possesses the required competencies for playing a collaborative role to help customers achieve specific business goals.

Allzone Digital Services deploys structured and/or flexible XML workflow systems and state-of-the-art tools to deliver customized solutions for every project. In addition, R&D experts work on a continuous program of innovations aimed at achieving stage-specific automated solutions to streamline the publishing process. Allzone Digital Services singular objective is to provide unmatched value to every publisher.

As a full-service solution provider for production of STM journals, Allzone Digital Services is a single-point resource for every publishing need with all related services under one roof. Be it turnkey project management solutions or a stand-alone service, at Allzone Digital Services, every customer is equally valued and receives the same high standards of care, attention and excellence.


This is a customized process and utilizes tools that hasten up the workflow without compromising on accuracy. Starting with cleaning up, a document will go through the various stages of, (i)structuring, (ii) parsing & structural validation, (iii) consistency of capitalization, italicization, punctuation, and hyphenation, (iv) adherence to style points, viz., numbering, abbreviations, citations & references. Customization in any of these areas to suit customer requirements is always possible.


Allzone Digital Services copyediting department is manned by professionals with the relevant skills to handle all levels of edits, i.e., from light to heavy. Based on the specific scientific discipline involved in a project, Allzone Digital Services copyeditors are, by training, sensitized to pay detailed attention to the author's priorities regarding content and style. Teams are adept at turning around quickly even while handling complex styles because, in addition to being well qualified, they have ready-access to a large collection of reference material.

Experienced language editors at Allzone Digital Services are conversant with both US and UK English conventions, and deliver substantive editing of very high standards. Adopting a holistic approach, they analyze every aspect of a document and deliver it as a logically developed, well-organized, and concise piece of writing that carries the concept clearly to its intended readers. Being sensitized to author's priorities language editors at Allzone Digital Services exercise due care and reasoning while raising author queries.


Allzone Digital Services has pagination capabilities that handle varying style sheets so that the STM Journal carries the publisher's distinctive stamp. Adherence to customer specifications is stringent and every document is rechecked for correctness of text and conformity with layout specs. Given today's printing scenario, paginated files are easily convertible to other formats.


Allzone Digital Services uses industry standard software compatible with different file types, at the preflighting stage, to give completed files their final checks that are then uploaded to the customer servers for approval. The process addresses printing related issues as well as issues pertaining to missing fonts, linked files etc. Upon receiving feedback from customers and incorporating required changes the final file is uploaded for print and web deliveries.