Flash eBook / Interactive Media

Flash eBooks have revolutionized the way we create, publish, and share content online. Flash eBooks are a multipurpose solution that can transform your titles into attractive and interactive online brochures, catalogs, magazines (ezines), and eBooks via flash book flip formatting.

Flash eBooks can be viewed across web browsers and across devices including PC, Tablet, or Mobile, with virtually no difference in appearance between the online and printed versions of your title.

We offer Flash eBook services, which gives you piracy free and nontransferable Flash eBooks with voice and video files embedded. Our flipping system in eBook gives realistic hand flipping experience. Now our eBooks come with several navigation options. Some of its features are: appears more interactive, page flipping, navigation with index, easy loading, the zoom in and zoom out options makes it more readable, attractive, and easy to use, and moreover now it is available at a low cost.