eBook Conversion

eBook conversion is the next evolution in digital publishing. eBooks have revolutionized the publishing industry and has changed the way we read, purchase books, and manage them. The development of eBooks requires technical know-how as well as design and editorial expertise. eBooks need to be designed and developed with format limitations and device specifications in mind. Allzone Digital Services provides a complete range of eBook-related services such as eBook conversions, typesetting, eBook enhancements, customized eBook development, or consulting. We have expertise in creating eBooks with XML workflows, content conversion and delivery mechanisms for various platforms such as iPad, Kindle, Nook and other Android devices.

Our eBook development services include

right    Conversion of documents to eBook format (ePUB/ePUB3/Mobi/ePDF/PRC)
right    Cover design using supplied artwork, stock images or new Illustrations
right    Editing and optimization of the quality of the images within the eBook
right    eBook layout design and formatting
right    Website design to promote your eBook titles
right    eBook testing, advice and support

We create eBooks that are compatible with the following formats

right  Microsoft reader
right  Adobe
right    OeB (Open eBook is a legacy eBook format primarily on SoftBook Press)
right    Rocketbook

We can create eBook from hard copy (images / Photos and graphics) displays and from any electronic format such as XML, HTML, FM, Quark, Indesign, MS word, etc...

EFIGS Translation Services

Allzone Digital Services works with you to publish materials that deliver quality and reflects your corporate identity. The comprehensive solution includes translation, proofreading, copyediting and publishing services. We also provide multilingual translation services EFIGS (English, French, Italian, German and Spanish) at a reduced cost.

Even a perfect translation can be marred by incorrect hyphenation or disregard for international publishing standards. Working with our clients, we establish and maintain comprehensive formatting guidelines that includes..

right  Length restrictions
right  Rules for treatment of foreign-language text expansion
right    Use of hyphenation
right    Treatment and placement of diagrams, graphics and call-outs. Any icons and symbols and their treatment and placement within the layout.

Allzone Digital Services offers a comprehensive portfolio of translation services that help you reduce complexity and optimize your investment in multilingual content. These offerings help ensure your content is not just translate in any other language but re-written for the local target group, in other words localized.

Newsletter Publishing

The latest wave in business communications is publishing on the Internet, websites, e-mail, or newsletters. These electronic newsletters are substantially less expensive than printed newsletters as you do not have to pay for printing, postage, or shipping costs. As the production turn around time is much quicker, readers will have more timely access to your newsletters.

Private Label Rights

Private Label Rights (PLR) products are articles, reports, eBooks, and auto responders. kind of content is used for the purpose of allowing multiple buyers to invest in the content with free rein to alter and use it by claiming authorship of it. It is typically used in online affiliated marketing systems.