Designing Services

Allzone Digital Services provides state-of-the-art document scanning and imaging services. Our document scanning services includes quality scanning from hard copies, important business contracts, or proposals or simply scan documents, layout plans, drafts, blue prints etc.

Our scanning and imaging service is designed to handle any size paper be it letter, legal, large format paper, or un-sized paper. We are proficient in the latest design software including (but not limited to) Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw, mathlab and Chemlab.

Allzone Digital Services cover design services are designed as per client requirements at affordable prices. Allzone Digital Services has designed cover pages and illustrations for books, journals and magazines. We also assist publishers by providing easy to use templates with built-in images and production specs.

Allzone Digital Services will assist you in all aspects of multilingual desktop publishing and graphic design. Our experienced team will produce the desired document in several software programs in both PC and Macintosh environments, including:

right  Adobe PageMaker
right  Corel Draw
right    Corel Ventura
right    Framemaker
right    Flash
right    Illustrator
right    InDesign
right    Interleaf
right    Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, Excel)
right    Photoshop
right    QuarkXpress